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Welcome! We are ecstatic to have you here! Thank you for making me part of your life-changing journey. Meet Nellcy Garcia, School Psychologist by day, nutrition coach, and personal trainer by night. I hold a master's degree in School Psychology and enjoy helping my community.


I enjoy fitness, nutrition, and anything wellness related and has made it a part of my daily staple, so much so that I took a leap and got certified as a nutrition coach and personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Growing up, at the age of twelve, I was introduced to the world of fitness, all thanks to my amazing mother. I loved it so much that I would join her in her 5 am workouts during the school week; I know, crazy right?

During my educational career, I made time for fitness and nutrition and embedded these two components to de-stress, have a form of self-care, and meet others with similar interests! I continued this journey until covid hit. It was a detrimental time for many, including myself, who, at that time, was expecting a baby and had limited access to resources.


Fast forward, and I have a beautiful baby girl who keeps me on my toes. Thanks to her, I prioritized fitness (still at 5 am) but was not seeing any results. What could I have possibly been doing wrong? Thanks to a dear friend of mine who introduced me to "MACROS" (What is that?), I fell in love with the concept and the ability to eat various foods and still lose weight, tone up, and get in the best shape of my life! I look forward to guiding you in achieving your nutrition and fitness goals!

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