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Q: What are macros?

A: We eat them all the time. ‘Macros’ is short for Macronutrients. These are the most important nutrients we eat that provide us with most of our energy. There are three most important macronutrients: proteins (4 calories per gram), carbohydrates (4 calories per gram), and fats (9 calories per gram). In addition, alcohol (7 calories per gram) is also considered a macronutrient but is nonessential to our bodies, nonessential for survival, and provides ZERO benefits and/or nutrients to our bodies. However, the alcohol ‘macros’ also must be counted for and will take away from your total amount of calories. Counting macros has benefits. It can help you lose stubborn fat, maintain lean muscle mass, and help you feel full (satiety).

Q: So how many macros should I eat?

A: There is no standard number for everyone. Macros are different from person to person and really depend on your height, weight, age, goal, and activity level. Let me do the math for you and I will provide you with your perfect macros to succeed!

Q: What app will I use for accountability?

A: You will be required to download and access the MyFitnessPal app. You do not need to purchase the Premium subscription to access the macro tracking settings. However, if you do not purchase the premium subscription, some of the items that you consume might not be in MyFitnessPal and you will manually have to add that new product along with its pertaining macros. The only ‘perk’ I personally see in upgrading to the premium subscription is that you can scan food item barcodes and MyFitnessPal will automatically generate the macros for you. You will only be using MyFitnessPal app to track. Please disregard adding your weight or goal on the app.

Q: How do I customize my macros on MyFitnessPal?

A: Clients will receive specific instructions on how to customize their macros on the MyFitnessPal app during their onboarding process.

Q: What forms will I be provided with once I sign up for online coaching?

A: You will be provided with the following forms:

  • Initial intake form

  • Body measurement guidelines

  • Guide on how to access the MyFitnessPal app.

  • Guide on Macros 101

Q: What forms will I be required to submit prior to starting the program?

A: You will be provided the following forms:

  • Initial intake form

  • Before pictures that followed the body guidelines provided

  • Body composition analysis

What type of coaching style do you provide? 

A: This is purely an online coaching platform. I provide personalized plans, ongoing support, and virtual sessions if needed. An online nutrition coach has multiple benefits. To name a few, we can:

  • Help provide structure.

  • Help provide accountability.

  • Help provide support with weight loss, and muscle gain.

  • Support healthy lifestyle changes

  • Help improve your overall relationship with food.

  • Provide you with the foundational knowledge to become successful on your own.

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